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Ministry Beyond the Seminary PDF Print E-mail

Each year before Easter, the Seminary observes Mission Days when students, faculty, and staff meet to remember the events proceeding the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. After a brief message from a special speaker, there is corporate prayer for the community as a whole and for other needs.

In the days leading up to Easter, April 13-15, 2017, guest speakers and faculty of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary spent focused time on the importance of ministry beyond the seminary campus. Fedir Raichynets, for example, based his sermon on the book of Exodus to refer to Passover as a picture of redemption with the aim of fulfilling God’s mission. Oleksander Malyovanyi, a UETS graduate, shared his experience of planting new churches. An Orthodox priest Andriy Kluishev, who is also a UETS graduate, explained the symbolism of the Easter celebration in the Orthodox tradition.

The Easter break gave students an opportunity to put their acquired knowledge into practice by organizing evangelistic outreaches in the city of Kyiv. They were divided into two groups. Upon the invitation of Light for Ukraine Church, one of the groups took part in a concert for internally displaced people. A choir of the Church of the Heavenly Architect and the Light in the East Mission also participated in the event. Upon the initiative of second-year student, Daryna Mychailenko, along with a youth missionary organization, Steiger Ukraine, the second group held a street evangelistic outreach in the main square of Kyiv. “That was an unforgettable time as we experienced God working through each one of us,” Daryna shared her impressions. “We’ve prepared four more street evangelism projects for the future. So good to see people accepting Christ!”


UETS Student Sings for Evangelism and Unity PDF Print E-mail

An indispensable educational component for students preparing for future ministry is active participation in a local church while studying at the Seminary. Students are expected to become involved in the church life and ministry of the congregation of their choice.

During the Easter holidays Yulian Kuchuryan, a second-year student of music, contributed to reaching out to hundreds of people period by singing in the choir of Calvary Church which performed at downtown subway stations in Kyiv. People hurrying on business could not help stopping to listen. Classical Ukrainian pieces triggered a number of questions from the crowd turning a concert into real street evangelism.

Sometimes, the results of the initiative turned out to be quite unexpected. For example, an internally displaced woman, Iryna, showed up at one of the metro stations to say how happy she was to hear Easter hymns, especially in view of the fact that Protestant Christians were being persecuted in her native town.

In an act of church unity, after Easter the choir was invited to perform at a Greek Catholic Church. This time many believers were blessed and encouraged by their beautiful singing. We are happy that UETS students contribute both to evangelism and ecumenical unity.

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