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UETS Continues to Extend its Reach PDF Print E-mail

Last week UETS hosted one of the most unique non-resident sessions in its history. 31% of all participants were auditing students which is the highest rate ever. With the approval of UETS Admissions, people from all over Ukraine chose to audit various undergraduate- and graduate-level courses.

The Search for Significance, a first-year course for students of Theology and Christian Ministry, taught by Australian pastor Roedie Rap, turned out to be the most popular for auditing students (19 of them showed up to join UETS part-time students).

Here is what some of them shared:

Ihor Lyulchik (Vinytsia): “Our instructors accentuate that God is a loving Father. Therefore, I looked at familiar Scriptures from a different perspective. For example, the reason for the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden. Before I thought that they had been punished, however, God was keeping them safe from even larger evil they could have inflicted on themselves. When we shared personal struggles in small groups, I realized I wasn’t alone in experiencing such problems. There are others who feel the same.”

Anton Nekrasov (Khmilnyk): “This course has become a turning point. The most striking idea was that Christians should bring God’s Kingdom into their minds, hearts, families, and churches, rather than try to enter God’s Kingdom here and now… From small-group discussions I realized that all men have similar struggles, which seem to be rooted in the same things.”

Tetiana Kolesnikova (Vinytsia): “There are five of us from Vinytsia. I like it here so much that I’m considering becoming a regular student at UETS. As for the course, it spoke to me quite in a special way. Workshops were the most interesting when we were divided into groups to share our problems and find solutions. Our instructor Jeannette Roedie’s statement that our pain can turn into our anointment have become a real revelation for me.”

Yulia Hryshchuk (Kyiv): “A friend of mine advised me to attend this course. I’ve learned so many things. For example, the knowledge I acquired yesterday was immediately useful for my ministry.”

Olha Ilchyshyna (L’viv): “Since I am a missionary in the war zone in Eastern Ukraine, I have to be skillful in ministering to people experiencing war. I prayed to God just yesterday for Him to show me a place where I could learn more in this area. The next morning, I saw an advertisement for this course on Facebook. I am sure it was from God.”