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The Ukrainian Bible Society was created in 1991, just two months before the collapse of the Soviet Union.  Today it has 20 members, including traditional Orthodox, Latin Rite Catholic, Greek Rite Catholic Churches and different Protestant denominations. The main goal of the Ukrainian Bible Society is to encourage everyone to read the Bible and raise awareness of the Bible’s importance and relevance to the Ukrainian nation as a whole, as well as the lives of individuals.

By its 26th anniversary Ukrainian Bible Society has already given out more than 10 million copies of the Bible. In 2014, for example, Ukraine was the country with the second-highest figures in the world after Brazil. Last year only 100,000 Bibles were given out to different categories of the population, including the internally displaced people and youth. Particular attention was focused on the military in the front-line, chaplains who worked with soldiers and first responders to combat depression and PTSD on the emotional and spiritual levels.

UETS has been cooperating with the Ukrainian Bible Society from 1992, when there was tremendous demand for Bibles in the country. Since that time the partnership has expanded, and the primary goal pursued today is to popularize the Bible, rather than cover its deficit. That is why the focus today is to encourage Bible reading both locally, through events and special projects, and nationally, through such initiatives as National Bible Day/Week/Month.

There are three forms of cooperation between UETS and the Ukrainian Bible Society. The first one lies in the fact that several leaders and active members of National Bible Association in Central Asia (Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) are either students, or graduates of the seminary.

The second form of cooperation is academic. Last year, for example, Secretary General of the Ukrainian Bible Society, Oleksander Babiychuk, and Director of its International Relations Department, Anatoliy Raichynets, paid a visit to UETS to present the so-called Codes or, say, sources from which translations of the Bible into different languages are performed (Septuagint, Vulgate, Hebrew originals) plus some rare editions with scientific commentaries for students. They also brought some test translations of the Old Testament Books into Ukrainian for students and professors to get engaged into one of their main projects.

The third form of cooperation between UETS and the Ukrainian Bible Society is that some members of UETS faculty, namely Ivan Rusyn and Fedir Raichynets, are volunteers for the latter. They visit different churches as representatives of the Ukrainian Bible Society in order to promote its Bible distribution and popularization projects. It is also worth mentioning that premises of the Ukrainian Bible Society are the place for UETS renown guest lecturers to meet leaders of different denominations.