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UETS chapels held during modular sessions are always special. One way in which they are special is that part-time students, who tend to be older and more experienced than full-time students, have the opportunity to share their encouraging testimonies. During chapel on January 18, 2018, Denys Yeliseiev, a second-year student of theology and Christian ministry, took the opportunity to share what God was doing in his life and ministry:

“My wife and I moved from our home to Smila, Cherkasy region, as missionaries and church-planters more than a decade ago. At first, we worked in just a couple of villages. Today, we do missionary work in dozens of villages. Since our arrival we have planted seven evangelical churches, mostly through personal evangelism, and seven more are in the process of being established.

Our strategy is rather simple. We move from place to place, rent an apartment, start street evangelism, offer prayer for the needs of people, and then try to find a family that is open enough to start a small group in their home.

Overall, the church plants are not big (350 people altogether), however, the church in Smila alone has 150 members and is already able to send out missionaries on its own. Last year, a UETS Regional Bible School was opened in the church to meet the need of Christian education there. Being myself both a pastor and a student at the same time, I am grateful that members of my church are willing to study to be able to more effectively share the Good News with others. Also, I am thankful to the faculty who come and teach them.”