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Research and Analytical Skills

The course provides necessary skills for conducting research, and writing research projects.

10 credits

Theological Foundations for Transformative Leadership

This is a foundational course for the whole program. It establishes the theological basis for transformative leadership: rules of conduct (defining God’s will);
core principles (reflecting God’s character); and
basic beliefs (expressing God’s truth).

10 credits

The Spiritual Formation of the Transformative Leader

The course presents a balance, holistic approach to the spiritual formation of the transformative leader’s character emphasizing the practice of spiritual disciplines

10 credits

Transformative Leadership and Christian Ethics

The course emphasizes integrity of character  in which servant leadership becomes an integral part of the nature of transformative leadership.

10 credits

Biblical Principles for Management

The course explores the biblical principles of management emphasizing  their efficacy, applicability and relevance in the contemporary church setting

10 credits

Theological Foundations for Social and Political Transformation

The course explores the political dimension of the Kingdom of God within the biblical narrative, and emphasizes its transformative mission which the church is to imitate in its mission to society.

10 credits

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

The course presents a positive approach to the management and resolution of conflicts which are unavoidable in organizational or societal contexts.

10 credits

Transformative Leadership and the
Social and Political Structures

The course explores the nature and role of different social and political structures and the legal system behind them, as well as how the church can play a transformative role in such a milieu.

10 credit

The Final Written Project/Dissertation

Final written projects either in the field of personal, or organizational or social transformation.

40 credits





Total number of required credits for passing the program                    120

Note: For evaluating the sum of educational courses, the MTL Program accepts the standard unit – “academic credit.” One academic credit equals 25 hours of study. Allocation of study hours between independent work and lectures for each subject of the program is derived individually.