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Fyodor F. Raychynets – Academic Dean of Graduate Program

A step forward in UETS academic development

The Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary offers a new graduate program, Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership (MTL). This program is in response to the current leadership crisis in churches, Christian charitable organizations, educational institutions and mission agencies; and to the urgent need for a new image of leadership in Ukraine and other former Soviet Republics.
In contradistinction to the use of the business model for leadership which has become popular among churches and other Christian organizations, the MTL program provides a biblical perspective and biblical principles for organizational leadership. These biblical principles demonstrate their time-tested effectiveness; their relevance to the context; and their practical applicability in church or organizational settings.

As an academic graduate program, MTL provides a biblical perspective and biblical principles in three vital areas:

  • the character of the leader
  • the organizational skills of the leader
  • the interaction of the leader with social and political structures


Shaping a new image of the leader for transformative mission in the church and in society.


Equipping leaders, already involved in spiritual ministry and organizational management, with biblical principles for the formation of holistic character,  the creation of effective organization, and the proper relationship with society and governmental structures.


  • For personal transformation – the imitation of Christ
  • For organization transformation – the biblical principles
  • For societal transformation – the mission of God


Equipping and assisting the minister/leader with the necessary spiritual and psychological knowledge for the formation and development of holistic character; organizational management skills; effective functioning of the church/organization in society; and appropriate interaction with governmental structures based on the biblical model of stewardship.


  • High-level degree program
  • Field and practical-research approach to academic subjects
  • Non-resident format, consisting of  independent research (field research projects); learning modules (two week-long seminars) once per semester; and individual consultation with lecturers and project mentors
  • Two years of study plus six-to-nine months to write a dissertation
  • The Russian language is used for seminars, research, writing of research projects, mentoring, and evaluation.
  • No denominational preference


  • Master’s degree (120 credits)
  • Diploma (80 credits)
  • Certificate (40 credits)