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Dean of Christian Psychology Department
Vyacheslav Khalanskyy.

We would like to welcome everyone who is interested in study and ministry in the area of Christian counselling & psychology.

Mission of UETS Christian psychology major is to develop base where it becomes possible to gain academic knowledge, practical skills and personal & spiritual help and counselling all at the same time. We strive to become a place that serves to the actual needs of society and gives support to social organisations and local churches of different denominations.

Development of the Christian counselling strategies is extremely important area of study and practice. The Christian psychology is based on Christian anthropology and also uses modern scientific knowledge & methods of psychotherapy, which are not in contradiction to the Christian values.

We aim to develop environment where both personal and group work and practice will take place. We as Christian counsellors emphasize the role and importance of Christian faith and counselling process. We belief that Christian worldview is a cornerstone in building a balanced integrative model of psychology and theology. Christian counselling includes such areas of knowledge, as theology, anthropology, psychology, different parts of psychology, physiology. It is also a part of pastoral studies as scientific and theological discipline that allows development of the approach focused on comprehensive care of the person.

Our mоdel of counselling and therapy embraces both scientific approach and Christian anthropology. We believe that all humans are created according to the God’s image. Though influenced by both biological and social context, nevertheless humans possess a free will and thus should be active participants of the healing process. Our Seminary uses integrative approach in all programs. We believe in the important role of counselling ministry for evangelical Church growth at the present stage. In the process of integration and dialog between theology and psychology, we lean on a vast experience of evangelical tradition. It helps us to test and adequately evaluate the existing modern practices and theoretical models of counselling and therapy. We subject them to a constructive criticism for more successful application in people work.

We believe that Christian counselling approach distinctiveness is the triad "counsellor - Holy Spirit -сounselee", instead of the dyad model "counselor-сounselee", since "in Him are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden."(Col.2:3). Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit involvement in the counselling process doesn’t relieve counsellor’s responsibility for growing in personal qualification level and keeping high ethical and professional standards.

Our programs develop with the support of the Ukrainian association of Christian psychologists and psychotherapists, and also in cooperation with the European movement of Christian anthropology, psychology and psychotherapy (EMCAPP). We hope that through our programs our Lord will be glorified and more well-trained ministers will work for the Kingdom.


Certificate in

Fundamentals of pastoral care and psychological counseling

Non-Resident Program

Program description:

Non-resident Certificate level program is designed as intensive study of specialized counseling modules and covers main subjects of counseling ministry. This program offers opportunity to deepen knowledge in the area of counseling and to acquire new practical skills in the field. We created conditions where each minister is motivated toward personal and spiritual growth. Students not only receive good knowledge, but will be encouraged to face difficult questions of their own in order to become more effective people helpers.

Target group:

In the development of the program we considered needs of churches, social centers and other organizations where counseling and psychological assistance is provided. Therefore program intended for those who are deeply involved in people work, but have no/or minimum specialized training in the counseling field and desire to study counseling from the perspective of Christian worldview.

We enroll people from any denomination who are active as Christian workers.

Enrolment requirements:

  • Standard enrollee document package (look up our web site)

  • Not less than 1 year of active people work in a counseling field

  • Not younger than 25y.o.

  • New converts are not considered

Faculty:our faculty members are high level specialists, who know the subject and actively practicing what they teach. We teach counselling in the frameworks of integrative approach.




Julia Patyuk,

B.A. in Applied Psychology

B.A. in Theology and Christian Studies

Program coordinator This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Major in counselling (personal disorders and trauma/crisis)

Natalia Podoliak,

M.A.in child psychology, Kiev national university

Family system therapy

Igor Malin,

Ph.D in Psychology (Nijniy Novgorof University)

Pastor, psychologist

Major in addictive behaviour and crisis counselling

Lidia Argunova,

Ph.D in Biology and anatomy


Natalia Prostun,

M.A.in applied psychology

Child and group therapy

Ruslan Ilchenko,

M.A.in psychology

Addictive behaviour;

Murray’s trauma therapy

Director of Rehabilitation centre, teacher

Rudy Rapp,

Pastor, Western Europe regional director of Careforce Lifekeys program, Australia

Pastor, teacher, counsellor

Nikolay Korolev,

M.A.in psychiatry, Kiev medical University

Psychiatrist, addictive behaviour

Program goal:

  • to teach students to analyse obtained knowledge and methods from the perspective of Christian worldview; to actively use new knowledge/skills in practical work and ministry;

  • To teach students how to provide different types of psychological help and assistance on the basis of the balanced integrative approach; 

  • to render assistance to students themselves in a process of becoming more whole, mature and Christlike.


Program modules:

  • Applied psychology& counselling

  • Psychophysiology/general psychology

  • Family counselling

  • Children counselling

  • Group dynamics

  • Personality disorders

  • Psycho traumatology

  • Addictive behaviour


Advantages of the program

  • Convenient non-residential form of training allows to acquire knowledge and practical skills without leaving one’s current ministry;

  • Study in cross-cultural and interdenominational environment helps to gain broader; understanding of issues;

  • Opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with the colleagues

  • Qualified staff;

  • Biblical integrative approach;

  • Opportunity practice new skills right in the class room


Duration and expectations:

Program consists of four 2-weeks sessions and require 1 year of study. Sessions take place in November, January, April and July. Students are assigned to work with the literature and case studies and write reflection of what was read, after each session. Continual involvement in practical ministry and submitting of ministry reports is expected.

Certificate – 42 credits.


Bachelor-level program “Counseling Psychology”