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The following programs are offered as part of the resident program:

  • «Bachelor of Theology and Christian Ministry » (3 years – degree, 2 years - diploma)
  • «Music Ministry and Theology» (1 year - certificate) - theoretical subjects and special lessons chosen by the student (key-board, guitar, bass-guitar, drams, vocal)

Non-resident program offers the following programs:

  • «Bachelor of Theology and Christian Ministry» (4 years – bachelor degree)
  • «Theology and Christian Ministry» (3 years, diploma)
    - This program is designed for 3 and 4 years periods. Each academic year consists of four 2-week sessions which happen in November, January, April and July. Normally 2 subjects are taken during these 2 weeks
  • «Music Ministry and Theology» (2-3 years, diploma/degree)
    - This program can be taken by a person who has previously received music education (music school or UETS Music ministry certificate). More detailed information you can see in addition “Music ministry”

А. Requirements to the enrolling students

1.    Any born-again Evangelical Christian man or woman of any nationality who desires to grow spiritually and to serve in God’s field can become a student at UETS. The admitting student must have:

  • A strong sense of call to the specific ministry
  • Commitment to this ministry
  • Obedience

2.    A person who is admitted to UETS must be:

  • not younger then 18 years old
  • a member of a local church for not less then 1 year
  • actively involved in the ministry of the local church
  • a high-school graduate

3.    A person is admitted to a UETS program by the admission committee after he/she has submitted a full package of admission documentation and has gone through an interview. Those who are entering a resident program must also take 2 tests: basic Bible knowledge test and Russian/Ukrainian language essay.
4.    Additional requirement for those who enter a music department is: having necessary musical talent and minimal experience of playing the musical instrument.

B. Package of documents

A package of documents is sent to a person upon his/her request. This package can be also picked up at the registration office or downloaded from the seminary’s web site. The package includes the following documents:
1.    Admission form – filled personally by the admitting student.
2.    Autobiography – filled personally by the admitting student.
3.    Practical ministry information form – filled personally by the admitting student. 
4.    Three recommendations – filled by church leadership. For the purpose of confidentiality these documents are sent separately in sealed envelopes. They include:
§    Youth pastor recommendation form – filled by a youth leader or a representative of the leadership of the church. This recommendation is necessary only for those who are admitted in to the resident program.
§    Pastor’s recommendation form - filled by a pastor (if pastor is a close relative of the admitting student a form must be filled by another minister of the church).
§    Pastor’s recommendation letter – must be typed on a paper with official church letterhead signed by a pastor and should have an official seal of the church. The letter must include pastor’s personal recommendation with comments about how the church is going to support the candidate during the time of his/her study at UETS (in prayer, financially, regarding personal material needs. etc).

The following documents must be added to package of documents submitted for admission:

  1. Medical report – “086 FORM “
  2. Pictures  - recent picture of 3x4 sm. size
    2 – for Ukrainian citizens
    5 – for foreign citizens
  3. Copies of a school certificate and of any other diplomas from finished institutions
  4. Copy of identification code
  5. Copy of the passport

Those applying for admission to UETS must pay pre-registration fee of 50 grivnas. This amount can be paid either at the registration office at the time interview or by check mailed to the following address: Mail Box 8, Kiev, Ukraine 04075.

Spiritual education presupposes not only an intense study of the Bible and theological subjects, but also practical ministry of the student and development of sound discipline in his/her everyday life. For this purpose it is required that every student during his/her study at UETS should:
know and follow the time-table and instructions of the administration of UETS and all the requirements to the students based on the “UETS Student Book” which is given to each entering student;

  • know and follow the order at student dormitories;
  • participate in serving at UETS facilities and dining hall;
  • live in spirit of kindness showing respect to freedom and rights of his/her neighbors;
  • follow UETS ban on the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, and involvement in gambling and worldly entertainments (disregarding personal opinion of a person about these issues)

These norms do not claim to have the status of biblical absolutes. Yet, they are implemented by UETS for the regulation of order and internal community life at UETS. Braking of any of the norms may lead to expelling of the student from school. These norms are applied not only to students, but also to all who are involved at the work of UETS.

  1. Admitting student should fully answer all the questions in admission forms. If question does not apply to the person, it should be noted accordingly (i.e.: “not applicable”)
  2. Admitting students and pastors are asked to use A4 size envelope in order not to bend the documents while mailing them to UETS
  3. The deadlines for submission of the documents:   
    July 15, 2008 – for the resident program 
    October 1, 2008 - for the non-resident program.

Documents should be mailed to the following address:

Mail Box 8


Ukraine 04075

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.uets.net