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Formation Resident Program

«Train up a young man in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it» (Pr. 22:6)

«Formation» is a program specially created for personal and spiritual formation of young people. This program offers a great opportunity for the youth to grow in their faith, to develop social skills and to prepare themselves spiritually to be the salt and light in the area of society where they are called to serve. This program helps students to form biblical values, to develop a healthy approach of studying and interpreting the Bible, and to understand their calling in family life, church and society.

Program vision

Helping young people in personal spiritual and social formation

Program mission

To prepare young people for fruitful Christian life in the family, church and society.

The main purpose of the program

To lay a solid foundation for spiritual and emotional maturity.

Program advantages

  • Resident form of study
  • Participation in cultural and educational programs
  • Interactions and consultations with teachers and mentors
  • Unforgettable students experience
  • Possibility to continue education on bachelor program (beginning from the 2nd year)
  • 1 year of study

Benefits of the program

  • Short and holistic program of study directed toward formation of strong biblical values
  • Possibility to prepare oneself spiritually and socially for entering secular educational institution

Targeted audience

  • Young Christians, graduates of secondary schools


Fall Semester Spring Semester
Survey of the New Testament Survey of the Old Testament
Principles of Bible Interpretation Life of Jesus Christ
Marriage and Family Spiritual Practices
Principles of Personal Formation Principles of Financial Management
History of Ukraine Inductive Method of Studying Bible
Computer Literacy Computer Literacy
English English
Work Ethics (seminar) Practical Ministry


Cultural program:

  • Tours
  • Museums
  • Theaters