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Practical Ministry

According to the UETS vision, participation in practical ministry of the church is as important as involvement in academic process. UETS mission is not only provides our students with academic knowledge, but also with practical skills. Through involvement of every student in the ‘Practical Ministry’ course we desire to reach several objectives. The seminary seeks to help students to grow in their calling and to receive valuable experience in different fields of Christian ministry, where they can apply acquired knowledge. Students can be involved in various ministries of local churches and para-church organizations, such as evangelism, praise and worship, preaching and teaching, social projects, counseling, leading and development of cell groups, planting new churches, etc. This involvement allows our students to provide support and help local churches and missions. Depending on the program student receives certain amount of academic credits at the end of the course. One of the main goals of practical ministry is formation of mature Christian character.

The Practical Ministry requirements for UETS students

Resident program:

All resident students have to be actively involved in certain field of a local church (or para-church organization). Every student is assigned to a church in Kiev or in a nearby region, where he/she participates every week in some ministry. ‘Practical Ministry’ course also includes attendance of UETS morning prayers, chapel and other services (i.e.: ‘Mission Week’, ‘Spiritual Enrichment Days’, etc). All students every month give a report about their activity. In order to analyze and evaluate his/her ministry, a student has to write a ‘Ministry Review’ for each semester and also to submit 3-5 sermon or lecture outlines.

Non-Resident program:

Every non-resident student has to be involved in a ministry in a local church or para-church organization in his/her city or region. Non-resident students have to submit 2 reports (personal report and report filled by a ministry leader) at the end of each semester and ‘Ministry Review’ – at the end of each academic year. In order to pass this course a student must be actively involved in ministry (mere attendance of services is not enough).