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Gleb Kosenko PDF Print E-mail

Gleb Kosenko,
2nd year student of the Theology and Christian Ministry program

I grew up in a family with many problems. My parents were both drug addicted. They divorced when I was only 11 years old. I stayed with my mother and sister. My sister tried to influence our mother and to help her to quit drugs, but everything was in vain. So she left. I tried to force my mother to quit drugs too. I was too young and naïve, thinking that I would be able to help her. When I turned 16, I became drug addicted too.

I continued to use drugs even when my mother went into prison. Once I went to a hospital and the doctors saved my life. Later I became physically disabled. I understood then that I would die because of my life of alcohol and drug abuse. I felt very bad and I cried out to the Lord with the words: "Lord, if you are there, please, help me!" A week later some Christians came to my house and they invited me to go to a rehabilitation center! Starting from that moment, my life began to change. God has set me free from alcohol, drugs and smoking. I only ever dreamed about this! But it was just the beginning of what God intended to do in my life. He gave me peace and hope in my heart and the opportunity to serve drug addicted people.

I decided to fully devote my life to Him. I entered the seminary in 2011. My study at UETS helps me to grow spiritually and to know how to serve other people helping them to get freedom in the Lord. I am thankful to the Lord for everything in my life! I am alive and I am free! Praise the Lord!

Maxim Chebotarev PDF Print E-mail

Maxim Chebotarev,

2nd year student of the Theology and Christian Ministry program:


Last summer was a big changing moment in my understanding of and attitude toward ministry. The ministry I did brought great changes in my life. As I served in Ark Church I had a chance to practice my preaching skills and to be involved in summer camps. As I prayed for others it helped me to change. I got a big desire to serve God even more. I love the passage from the Gospel of John where it says about abiding in Jesus who is our vine. We have to strive to bring much fruit and to use the opportunity we have to study.

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