The one-year Foundations of Spiritual and Psychological Counselling program aims to provide short-term training to ministers involved in spiritual counselling who are in need of more knowledge and skills for effective ministry. The program includes basic courses on the inner world of a person, his or her emotional states, personal development, and norm and pathology.


Program Specifics

This program is designed to meet Ukrainian and European professional standards of training spiritual and psychological counsellors. It has a student-centered approach which entails interactive dialogue between students and teachers. Professional growth is developed through unique opportunities to practice under the supervision of experts in the field as well as independent counselling practice. Scientific methods are employed, informed by the understanding that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God.


Students and Alumni

Students and graduates of this program serve at churches as pastors, deacons and small group leaders. They may also be involved in children’s, youth, women, family and counselling ministries.