This program helps students learn a basic knowledge in theology and prepare them for practical ministry.


Program Specifics


Non-residential students come to UETS four times a year for two-week modular sessions (November, January, April, July) to learn and improve their skills through lectures, seminars, discussion panels, presentations, etc. It is a four-year program.


Biblical studies teach students to study the Bible properly, as well as to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental books of the Scriptures.


Courses in theology help students to better understand God as well as a Christian perspective on human beings, the essence of salvation and the mission of the Church.


Church history courses help students see a holistic picture of Christianity over the centuries in order to understand their own individuality and the outstanding features of other branches of Christianity.


Courses on spirituality lay an important foundation for the spiritual formation of students, grounded in the Bible and Christian classics. Also, students can form and improve their ministry skills, including preaching, evangelizing, and counselling.


This non-residential program is useful for both active church ministers and for believers involved in their professions and social activities who want to be ‘salt and light’ in their areas of influence. A number of subjects teach students how to carry out God’s mission in greater society with the view to its transformation, as designed by the Creator.


Program Uniqueness


This program is the only Christian bachelor’s degree program in the former Soviet Union which is accredited by the European Evangelical Accreditation Association ( This means that the level of teaching is consistent with corresponding European programs and follows the Bologna process.