Dear friends of UETS,

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, let me extend to you my warmest greetings this Christmas! This season we are praising God for all He gives us each year and for His immeasurable gift in the birth of Jesus Christ.

On December 4-5, 2020, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary held its second Theology for Life Conference. This year the theme of the conference was Explosion of Populism and Leaders of Thought.  

As of today, being fully aware of the importance not only teach, but to practice what you teach, almost all key faculty of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary are involved in pastoral ministry. Some of them have been pastoring churches for many years, the other planted news churches just a year or so ago, having set a good example of practical ministry for the seminary’s students and graduates.

On October 14, when Ukraine marks the Defender of Ukraine Day, Ivan Rusyn, the President of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, and Fedir Raychynets, the head of the Department of Theology, joined the team of the Ukrainian Bible Society in its missionary trip to the war zone in Eastern Ukraine.

Interview with Oleksandra Andriyashyna, the first-year non-resident student and military chaplain.