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On October 1st, 2016, National Pedagogical Drahomanov University hosted a celebration of the release of the Slavic Bible Commentary: Modern Evangelical Perspective (Слов’янський біблійний коментар: сучасна євангельська перспектива) compiled by the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association. The book is part of a world-wide project of analogous contextual commentaries also being published in Africa, Southern Asia, South America and Arab countries. 



UETS professors contributed substantially to the volume. For example, Fedir Raichynets, head of the Theology Department and one of 10 members of the project’s editorial board, wrote a commentary on the Gospel of Mathew as well as other articles. Denys Kondiuk, academic dean, wrote commentaries on the Book of Psalms and the Song of Solomon, as well as an article on beauty, art and creative work. Serhiy Flyuhrant, assistant dean, wrote commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles (1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus). Several articles were also written by Ivan Rusin, Petro Kovaliv, Radyslav Tatsiun, Oleksander Epishev, Oksana Pomazova.


The first edition has already been sold out, so a second edition is expected soon. Also, an agreement has been reached with a well-known American publisher to launch an English version. Therefore, the first edition of this commentary is just the beginning…