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In November 2016, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary was privileged to receive a visit from Willy Kotiuga, who came to teach modular students Theology of Work and award scholarships to the top students.


Willy is the son of the late Walter Kotiuga who served for many years as secretary of the Slavic Branch of Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Walter was noted for his faithfulness in pastoring and loving his Slavic congregation.  He loved books and encouraged everyone to pursue higher education. He supported a number of congregations in Ukraine during his life time. His legacy and passion to see people come to faith is sure to continue through his contribution to UETS student scholarships.


Speaking at an all-seminary service on November 16th, Willy called the students to live in such a way that they could share their faith in two minutes. “My parents never forced me into my faith. I was just encouraged by their praying for me. Therefore, I would like you to be that simple,” he said.