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A course in leadership for part-time students in the Theology and Christian Ministry program was taught by the head of the Theology Department, Fedir Raichynets (Fyodor Raichynets) last week. The course was attended by a record number of students, including auditors.


After the course, Fedir Raichynets posted the following observation: “One of the conclusions made while teaching leadership this week to an amazing group of students is that leaders are not personalities without any flaws, drawbacks or weaknesses, but people who are courageous enough to take a burden of responsibility for those who are like them, rather than get horrified with their own contradictions and imperfection…”


Below are some of the impressions of those who were fortunate enough to audit the course:


Andriy (Kyiv): “Being a pastor, I found it very useful to hear about the hidden rocks (pitfalls) in leadership. Getting to know that they are expected, and that I am not only the only one who is dealing with them, is encouraging.”


Hanna (Cherkasy): “I am a student at another seminary, but I decided to audit this course at UETS. As we are about to launch a youth ministry at our church, we need to get familiar with other people’s experience in youth ministry in order to understand better how to start. To hear that all qualities in a leader have their good and bad sides was very helpful.”


Svitlana (Smila, Cherkasy region): “Every Christian faces the need to take responsibility for others, in other words, to be a leader… That is why I have found the material of the course so interesting. I was impressed to discover that sooner or later all leaders become subject to criticism. However, a real leader does not go astray or get frightened, because he is fully aware of his responsibility.”