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On October 23, 2018, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary had its Partnership Day – flagship event celebrating mission collaborations with its national and international partners.  


Being an interdenominational higher education institution, UETS cooperates with a number of Ukrainian church unions, missions and organizations, simultaneously building up its international partnerships with Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Northern America, Australia, Western Europe, etc. 


The event was aimed to acquaint students and staff with the invisible contribution of numerous volunteers, ministers, and charity workers who make the mission of the seminary possible (today, a number of tuition fees is still covered by a group of generous people who provide scholarships for UETS students).


In such a way the hosts sought to inspire the attendees of the gathering to view themselves as a part of both the seminary’s mission, and the global mission of the Church.


At the beginning, some members of the faculty and staff shared their experiences of being volunteers. Among them a member of the Music department, Kateryna Symchuk (volunteer for Open Heart Charity Fund), and UETS PR Manager, Yanina Mospanenko (volunteer for numerous charity events). While sharing from their experiences, they all stressed the importance of taking on valuable projects and completing them, thus being a living testimony for Christ.


A pastor of Christian Reformed Church in Poltava was the next to take the floor to remind students the need to go beyond church premises and serve people there with their gifts, in particular music gifts.


Then, a lecturer at the London School of Theology, Steve Thompson, who had come to Ukraine as a volunteer to lead the Gospel-Express project initiated by New Life Gospel Band for musicians and singers from more than 50 Evangelical churches of Ukraine, addressed the importance of joint ministry in God’s name.


At the end Denys Kondiuk led everyone in prayer of gratitude for all partners, in particular for long-standing partners such as Ukrainian Bible Society, Overseas Council International, College Park Church in Indianapolis, First Baptist Church of Georgetown, Nexus School of Creative Arts, London School of Theology.


Afterwards, UETS faculty and staff volunteered to help in the cafeteria. They distributed food and washed dishes instead of students.