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On June 8, 2019, students, faculty and staff of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary took part in the National Prayer Day for Ukraine.


This is the fourth year in a row that thousands of Christians have gathered at Kyiv Sports Palace to worship God together, and pray for peace and prosperity for their nation. This endeavor is supported by local churches all over Ukraine.  


The power of joint prayer can hardly be overestimated. It is always of primary importance, providing hope, especially in times of war and crises. It is only God who can bring harmony, peace and comfort. We are grateful that Ukraine is one of few countries in the world where Christians representing different denominations can gather in large numbers to freely and openly pray together.


UETS was privileged to take part in this important event. This year Kristina Pavlova and Mospanenko Yanina as well as students Roman Leshchuk, Max Sirodan and Anastasia Patay were involved in organizing and putting on this event. For some it was their first experience being involved in putting on an event of this scale.


The UETS student choir directed by the head of Music Department, Maryna Yarmolenko, joined the united evangelical choir on stage. 


Tina Denisenkova, a third-year student of music, performed a song co-written with Kristina Pavlova. The orchestral arrangement for the song was done by our partner and visiting lecturer Steve Thompson. Karyna Buliuk, a first-year music student, also sang for the event.