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On September 15, 2019, students, graduates, faculty and staff of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary were actively involved in solemn celebration of the All-Ukrainian Thanksgiving Day.


This was the third united Thanksgiving Day for all Protestants in the history of Ukraine. Considering the Soviet past, the government endorsed this celebration only in more than a quarter century after the collapse of the Soviet Union. 


In the morning there was time for worship and prayer. During the day, many different events and activities were held. There were many festivities for families, like sports competitions, games, and contests. There were places where people could receive Christian literature and be prayed for.




An interactive concert was held on a center stage. A symphony orchestra and choir continued the glorification of God in an evening program. The day ended with a joint prayer leaders of Ukrainian Protestant churches from the center stage.


According to Valeriy Antoniuk, president of the Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine, “Thanksgiving Day is a day of recognition of our dependence on God. If Christians are thankful, Ukraine has the future.”