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On November 12, 2019, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary marked its third Partnership Day celebrating mission collaborations with its numerous national and international partners.


This is one of the new traditions established just couple years ago along with the Day of Fasting and Praying for UETS graduates, which is held in spring. Both events have already naturally entered the seminary’s calendar.


On that day the faculty, students and staff experienced special unity during a chapel and communion, with emphasis made on the importance of volunteering activities as one of the features pertaining to Christianity.


This year Ivan Rusyn, UETS president, reminded that the ministry of the seminary has been developing for the last 27 years particularly due to enthusiasm and generosity of many Christians all over the world.


“Dream of something bigger and make your contribution. Start with academic efficiency and committed high-quality ministry at your local church. Than go beyond church premises and serve people there with their gifts,” – he said seeking to inspire the attendees of the gathering to view themselves as a part of both the seminary’s mission, and the global mission of the Church.


Afterwards, UETS faculty and staff, as usual, volunteered to help in the cafeteria. They served the students by distributing food and washing dishes.