On December 6, 2019 the first Theology for Life Conference was held at Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary.


The conference was initiated by the Department of Theology and is the first conference of its kind in Ukraine. The theme of the conference was Profession as a Calling and Calling as a Profession, which is one of the most relevant issues for many present-day Christians who are trying to do ministry alongside their professions.


The organizers shed light on different issues such as Mission of God and mission in profession, How theological education influences ministry and profession? Identity and calling, What approach to education will make you competitive in job market? Formation of leadership skills in teenagers. Many influential pastors, theologians, and leaders of Christians organizations and institutions spoke at the conference, led workshops and took part in panel discussions. Especially interesting were the TED-talk formatted speeches, for example: Prophets and trends, How to understand generation Z, Changing profession amid middle age crisis.


This pilot conference was a great success and plans are being made to hold a second conference of this kind next year.


Here is what some of the participants say about the event:


Maksym: “I was personally concerned with the issue of possibility of combining business and ministry. I got a lot of invaluable information at the conference. So, I have plenty of food for thought. Of special benefit to me were the short TED-talks as the speakers shared very practical things. Today, for example, we really enjoyed the panel discussion.”


Maryna: “I have four children, two of whom are on the cusp of choosing a profession. For this reason, I really wanted to find answers to the questions raised at this conference.”


Vadym: “I am very interested in this issue. Being a student, I consider it important to find a balance between ministry and work. Work requires a lot of time in anyone’s life. So, I am looking for answers to my questions and fellowship with like-minded conference-goers.” 


Mykhailo: “Originally, I am from Western Ukraine, but recently I have been working in Poland. I am concerned about the balance between work and ministry. At this conference I understood that one’s job can be a ministry. This is something