On March 7, 2020, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary held a women’s conference Facets of Calling. This was a one-day event for women who sought spiritual renewal and Christian fellowship.


Focused on calling, the conference carried the message that every woman is loved and valued by God and that she is magnificently designed for life!


The ladies conference was held with a special guest speaker Deborah van Bennekom, a leader of the Australian Christian Churches in Brisbane West Region. Her passion is to develop and champion men and women in Kingdom leadership locally and globally.


The attendance was far beyond expectations. More than 120 women came from all over Ukraine. There were joined by many UETS female students.


The event raised a number of questions to be profoundly tackled in the future, among them training in theology for women, equality in rights and opportunities between men and women, support of women recovering from trauma and PTSD.  


The conference was followed with the round table discussion held on Monday, March 9, 2020, on needs of women in Ukrainian society and how churches could meet them, which was attended by women’s ministry leaders from Kyiv.