In order to limit any potential harm to the seminary community, all academic activities at the premises of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary have been suspended for a period of three weeks in compliance with the ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine that announced nationwide quarantine on March 12.


All students are urged to stay at home and offered distance learning. All events planned for the period up to April 10 have been cancelled. The modular session for non-resident students has also been cancelled. 


Restrictive measures amid the Covid-19 coronavirus threat, including a three-week lockdown of all educational institutions, the ban on railway, air and bus intercity transfers and work of metro in cities, mass gatherings of people, have been approved to prevent the disease from spreading.


As Christians, we turn to God in times of fear and uncertainty as we do it in times of joy and celebration. We pray for all our partners living in countries already affected by the virus and ask you to join is in our prayers for Ukraine.