Each September, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary holds its graduation ceremony, celebrating the completion of studies with all its graduating students.


The service, which was carefully and thoughtfully planned, took place on Saturday 12, 2002, in the seminary chapel. Despite all challenges in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the number of graduates turned out to be the largest in recent years (106 graduates, with 40% of them being from Central Asia).


The health and safety of students, their families and seminary community being a priority, this year ceremony was characterized with a number of anti-coronavirus precautionary measures and limited attendance, which, however, did not prevent the faculty and staff from honoring each individual graduate and nominee.


“Thus academic year has turned too unusual…” Ivan Rusyn, president of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, said while addressing graduates, students and guests at 2020 Graduation Ceremony.


UETS graduates also shared their impressions:


“… but for my studies at the seminary, I would have made millions of mistakes instead of thousands I keep on making. I would not even know that I make those mistakes. Also, I have stopped fearing the end of the world, waiting for the triumph,” Natalia Artemenko, a graduate from the Applied Theology bachelor’s program, said. 


“Walk and you shall reach… It was not easy, but we managed to do that. It is not about a diploma, but about using the obtained knowledge to bear fruit,” Olena Petrashenko, a graduate of the Messianic Theology bachelor’s program, added.


“Thus far the Lord has helped us and that is true… Today, I have a clear understanding of who I am, what I want, where I need to go and why I do what I do. The seminary is a place I would like to return to again and again,” Vasyl Sivkov, a graduate from the Applied Theology bachelor’s program, said. 


 “The atmosphere of acceptance is the most valuable for me at the seminary. This is what helps us learn from one another. It is not our farewell as we are ready to return again and again,” Tetiana Bordiuh, a graduate of the Transformative Leadership master’s program said.