On October 13, 2020, UETS celebrated mission collaborations with its national and international partners by holding its annual Partnership Day.


The event sought to acquaint students and staff with contributions of different donors into the UETS budget who make the mission of the seminary possible and pray a special prayer of gratitude about all its national and international partners.


UETS, being an interdenominational higher education institution, cooperates with a number of Ukrainian church unions, missions and organizations, simultaneously building up its international partnerships with Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Northern America, Australia, Western Europe, etc. 


The event was also aimed at inspiring the attendees of the gathering to view themselves as a part of both the seminary’s mission, and the global mission of the Church.


At the beginning, Olha Kondiuk, the head of the International Partnership Department shared stories of the seminary students and faculty volunteering for various projects. While sharing from their experiences, she stressed the importance of taking on valuable projects and completing them, thus being a living testimony for Christ.


Emphasis was placed on generosity of our western partners who have set a good example for Christians on the terrain of the former Soviet Union and the need to detach from non-sacrificial Soviet reality, still lingering in the mentality of Ukrainians.  


To make the experience as applicable and memorable as possible the students were divided into groups in which they were supposed to make presentations of one of the UETS projects, namely providing food packages and medications for the elderly poor, disabled and needy in the neighborhood. The jury composed of Ivan Rusyn, Olha Kondiuk and Oleksander Lavrynenko assesses team-work, quality of presentations, activity in social media, etc. 


We believe that the event will prompt UETS students, first-year students, in particular, go beyond church premises and serve people and communities with their gifts.