On October 14, when Ukraine marks the Defender of Ukraine Day, Ivan Rusyn, the President of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, and Fedir Raychynets, the head of the Department of Theology, joined the team of the Ukrainian Bible Society in its missionary trip to the war zone in Eastern Ukraine.


The ministers visited several regular detachments to congratulate the servicemen on their professional holiday, serve them with the word of encouragement, and pray with them. The soldiers eagerly received the distributed Bibles and asked to continue praying about them.


It is not the first time when representatives of different Christian denominations unite under the auspices of the Ukrainian Bible Society to embark on a mission to the bled-shed East of Ukraine.


Since the Russo-Ukrainian war in eastern Ukraine broke out in 2014, some 13,000 people have been killed, a quarter of them civilians, and as many as 30,000 wounded.


With no prospects of ending the ongoing war in sight, Ukrainian soldiers are often discouraged. Many of them suffer from stress, insomnia and depression.


Pray, please, about those who defend Ukraine from the Russian aggression. They really need our prayers and support!