At the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, we are committed to helping our students put their knowledge into practice. In classes, faculty teach students practical skills, sharing with them own experiences as teachers, pastors and missionaries. Outside the classroom, students gain supervised ministry experience and internships.


This internship program provides a context for integrating classroom theory with practical ministry experience, all under the guidance of a mentor.


So, we asked resident students whether it was difficult for them to find a place for ministry, communicate with a pastor, church team, etc.


Aliona Havrylenko, first-year student of music ministry and theology: “There are many ministry opportunities at any church. The best, of course, is to find your place. It was not difficult for me because I decided to join a worship team in my church. People on the team were so sincere, so open… In some time, I felt as if I had been serving along with them forever.  


My internship developed my gifts and talents. I met many interesting people. This was also the practice of humility and commitment. Due to my internship, I realized that we can achieve something only as a team.”


Makhailo Kozoriz, second-year student of applied theology: “My impressions are generally positive. Prompted by the internship requirements, I started serving at my church more. I knew a pastor of a church in Kyiv… So, I become a part of his team. Initially, I was in charge of the media ministry there. Later, I dived into youth ministry that we started to develop.


Also, the practical ministry helped me to see my negative character traits, in particular lack of initiative. On the one hand, I feel like helping, but, on the other, I are afraid of undertaking responsibility and actually doing something. Due to accountability to my mentor, I became more initiative. Also, I have got experience of communication with different people. It means that practical ministry expands the circle of your friends and ministry.”   


Danylo Panasenko: second-year student of music ministry and theology: “When I just entered the seminary, I was surprised with this curriculum requirement. Almost all of us were involved in ministry anyway. I did not understand how a ministry could be assessed. Today, I have no doubts that it is a very useful program as it teaches us to organize our ministry. Due to my practical ministry, I became more disciplined, learned to communicate with people and solve organizational issues.”


Yana Morozova, third-year student of music ministry and theology: “My impressions of my practical ministry are rather mixed. Frankly speaking, there were moments when I served with wrong motivation, just because I had to… Moreover, I escaped from the two churches with ministry opportunities, and stayed only at the third one, where a worship team accepted me well.  


Today, however, I see that serving together can bring about much better results. I like the people on my team. They encourage me to grow. They have already taught me different things I can share with others.”