March 3, 2021, saw the second annual women’s conference Facets of Calling, which gathered women who sought spiritual renewal and Christian fellowship from all over the country.


Last year conference, held just before the national lockdown was introduced, enjoyed great attendance, which testified to the fact that female Christians in Ukraine had been eagerly waiting for such a forum for a long time.


This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the lady’s conference was held in part via modern technologies, with offline attendees observing all precautionary measures.


Focused on calling, the conference carried the message that every woman is loved and valued by God and that she is magnificently designed for life!


The following are citations of some of the conference speakers:


Fedir Raychynets, head of the Department of Theology: “Why did Christ entrusted women to witness His resurrection and share this news with the disciples? These are women who managed to handle their fears and overcome contradictory emotions. What did men do? They kept doubting even when they saw the risen Jesus. They needed more time to cope with a stressful situation.”


Olha Kondiuk, head of the Department of Communications and Development: “Why did the almighty God rest? Did He need to recover His strength? He saw the result of His accomplished works and paused to admire them. Why is it so difficult for us to pause in order to observe God’s splendor, beauty of His creation? We also need to enjoy our own creativity, creativity of other people…”


Deborah van Bennekom, a leader of the Australian Christian Churches in Brisbane West Region: “There are collective, individual, global, internal and external walls. Some of them must be eliminated once and for all. Some of them must be stopped at the state of their construction. Some of them must be rebuilt with the view to new purposes.”


Olena Dub, head of the School of Mentorship and Effective Ministry for Girls and Women: “Gathering is not a holy cow. We may not have this opportunity tomorrow. But having relations with one another is not prohibited. Realize your calling 24/7, wherever you are, rather than help people find a position at a church.”