You may not see them on campus due to COVID protocols, but UETS has some new students – international students!


UETS has admitted five new students (two provisionally, awaiting some further documents) from Ghana, India, and Kenya into the master’s program, “Mission in the Modern City.” The program is translating everything into English so that Ukrainian and international students can both fully participate in courses and even get to know and encourage one another!


How did this come about? Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary has formed a new partnership with the Movement Day Scholars Program. Movement Day, based out of New York City, is an organization that encourages movements to reach entire cities for Christ around the globe, mainly through prayer and partnerships.


In Fall 2020, Movement Day started their Scholars Program, offering online teaching from experts in city movements to students all over the world. Then, Movement Day formed partnerships with five seminaries in order to offer some of their Scholars the possibility to pursue graduate degrees.


These partnering schools are four American ones: Asbury Theological Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and one European one: Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary.


Students from the Movement Day Scholars Program participated in their first session through Zoom from April 12-23, 2021, taking courses in “Leadership and Life of the Urban Minister” and “Ministry to Cultural Influencers.” Using technology and translation, the international students fit right in to the “Ministry in the Modern City” program.