The 29th graduation ceremony of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary was held on Saturday, September 11, 2021. Over 50 graduates and their friends, spouses, and extended family members gathered in the chapel to celebrate the accomplishments of the graduating class.


Testimonials of the graduates representing different programs were encouraging. They shared how much they had learned from their professors, what difference the acquired knowledge and skills had made in their lives and ministries, etc.


Bohdan Polishchuk, graduate of the Transformative Leadership master’s program: “The knowledge I have acquired here help me a lot in different areas of my ministry. The seminary has influenced me enormously and shaped my identity as a part of the body of Christ. I believe that this education is an investment into the future – future of my family and my church.”


Sofia Nartovska, a graduate of the “Music Ministry and Theology” bachelor’s program: I have learnt here that God is worthy of our best professional and spiritual training. He is always faithful, and we must hear His voice amid the noise of this world.”


Artem Ostroverkh, a graduate of the Applied Theology bachelor’s program: “The seminary has become my second home, and the faculty, staff and students have become my second family. These three years will always be in my heart and memory. UETS is forever!” 


A reception was held immediately after the ceremony for graduates and their families.