First Offline Session for Non-Resident Students

Головна First Offline Session for Non-Resident Students



Back in 2020, when the pandemic broke out, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary promptly switched to the distance learning mode.


In fact, the pandemic prepared us for by far more severe challenges ahead and helped us resume the teaching last spring when the war was already raging in Ukraine at a full scale.


Grateful for the possibility to continue our mission of training national church leaders via modern technologies, we were looking forward to offline classes, when faculty and students could interact directly rather than through a computer screen.


So, in mid-February, we were more than happy to see our non-resident students in Applied Theology bachelor’s program on our campus for the first time since the war began.


During two weeks of their winter modular session, the students plunged into the study of Christology, History of Modern Theology, and Epistle to the Romans.


We give our thanks to God for having the opportunity to host students on campus, teach and learn from them at the same time.

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