“We did it!”


Below you can read a testimony of Artem Radionov, UETS graduate and youth pastor at the Covenant Church in Kremenchug that UETS is partnering with, about their ministry at the wartime:


“None of us knew what to do and how to behave during the war. Suddenly, we encountered colossal humanitarian problems, millions of broken people and lives.


I asked God about safety for my relatives and friends, chance of life for those who could easily lose it. However, it was the beginning of great changes. The world was becoming different.


From the very first day of the Russian aggression, our church and I were literally involved in everything. There was impression that needs, like fire, emerged everywhere.


We were searching for resources, assisting with evacuation, feeding people in six residential areas, counseling, helping refugees as well as delivering humanitarian cargoes to hot spots…


I often received several simultaneous calls, hundreds of messages… Sometimes I even did not find time to charge my phone. I learned hundreds of new terms, read about a great number of medications, talked to thousands of people. Also, we distributed tons of food products and incurred enormous expenses.


I still don’t understand how we did it, but we did it! Millions of people were able to see the living God through the ministry of hundreds and thousands of Christians all over Ukraine.


I am thankful to the Lord for strengthening us at different moments when our hands were almost down, moments of fatigue when the news were breaking our hearts. Much work is still ahead but we know that the Lord is with us!”

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