Головна Про УЄТС Ministry Expansion

Ministry Expansion


Last Sunday, our team was able to have the first service in the seminary’s chapel since the beginning of the war, which broke out more than two months ago… The damage caused to all buildings on the campus, which was hit with 6 shells, did not prevent them from partaking in a communion together with soldiers and friends from other churches, which was especially moving.


In addition to the liberated areas around Kyiv, including the towns of Hostomel, Irpin’, Bucha, Borodianka and villages near Chornobyl, our relief ministry has expanded to the cities of Chernihiv and Sumy, which also tremendously suffered from the occupation. On average, we deliver from 6 to 7 tons of humanitarian aid every week. What people need in these areas the most is food, power generators, fuel, medicine, clothes…


Couple days ago we received a very sad news about death of Temuri Macharashvili, one of our students in the master’s program “Mission in the Modern City.” He got killed on duty while serving as a military chaplain. Before, when interviewed by our admission board, he said how much he wanted to be used by God in serving the society. Please pray for his family and for all of the Ukrainians serving as chaplains in the war.


Yesterday, several weeks after the Russian forces retreated, Russian missiles slammed into the very center of Kyiv… One person killed and a dozen wounded. The most cynical is that it happened during a visit of the UN Secretary General who was meeting with the Ukrainian President there. This is just another manifestation of utter disrespect for international human institutions, not to mention God’s commandments, on the side of the Russian leadership.

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