Interview with a UETS student of theology from Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia (no name is used in order to protect the student’s identity).

In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary has closed its campus and moved instruction online for the remainder of the spring term.


In order to limit any potential harm to the seminary community, all academic activities at the premises of Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary have been suspended for a period of three weeks in compliance with the ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine that announced nationwide quarantine on March 12.

On March 7, 2020, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary held a women’s conference Facets of Calling. This was a one-day event for women who sought spiritual renewal and Christian fellowship.

The seminary has many students… and some of them, after completing one program, enroll into another. And they are not only graduates of bachelor programs that continue on to a master’s, they are also theology or music majors who pursue a second undergraduate degree in counseling,  counseling majors pursuing a second degree in theology, or music majors pursing another degree in  theology, like Vasyl Sivkov. Vasyl graduated with a degree in Music Ministry and decided to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in Theology. We asked him what prompted him to continue studying at UETS.


Why did you decide to enroll in another program at UETS?


When I first enrolled in UETS, I wanted to become a qualified musician and worship leader. Also, I was pursuing the goal of personal formation in terms of my Christian values, views and priorities. However, the seminary has helped me in a number of other ways.


First, the seminary has deepened my relationship with God. Initially, you simply follow your parents in their understanding of God. Then the time comes when you start experiencing Him in a deep and personal way.


Second, it has helped me get rid of my partialities and made me more open towards representatives of other confessions and denominations. Today, I understand that it the point is not just tolerance, but acceptance.


Third, thanks to the seminary I have made a lot of great friends. Now, I could travel to any part of Ukraine and stop by for tea with any of them.


This maybe goes without saying, but the seminary has also equipped me with the practical knowledge and skills to effectively carry out my ministry.


Considering all of these factors, I decided to come back to UETS for more. I am sure further training here can help me be not only a competent musician, but also to serve people as a preacher, or, God willing, a pastor. 




What ministry are you currently involved in?


Before I was involved only in music ministry at my church. I sang in the choir and in our church band. Today, my ministry has expanded. I am a small group leader and worship leader at the same time. I don’t know yet what ministry I will focus on in the future, but I want to serve God and people with the knowledge and skills I have gained at UETS.


Could you also say couple words about your family?


My parents are Christians. My father’s name is Ruslan and mother’s name is Halyna. My Father is a businessman. My mother leads women`s ministry.  Altogether there are 5 children in our family. We all get along well and support each other. My oldest brother Myroslav is a pastor and my brother Oleh is a missionary.