Interview with Sharshanbek Baibosunov, UETS student in the Transformative Leadership master’s degree program, and 2013 graduate of the bachelor's degree program in Theology and Christian Ministry.

April 16, 2018 marked the beginning of a new master's degree program at the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary. This master's degree is focused on a biblical and theological understanding of urban mission, considering God's perspective on cities, urban churches and urban ministries.

Interview with a master’s degree student from Tajikistan, Central Asia (no name is used in order to protect the student’s identity).

A course in leadership for part-time students in the Theology and Christian Ministry program was taught by the head of the Theology Department, Fedir Raichynets (Fyodor Raichynets) last week. The course was attended by a record number of students, including auditors.

Interview with Anastasia Akimova, 1-st year student in the Transformative Leadership master’s degree program.

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