Students’ Scholarships

Before the war, considering the living standards in Ukraine, our students could afford to pay 25-30% of their full tuition fees. It means that to make the seminary education affordable we had to find scholarships covering up to their full tuitions.

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Students’ Scholarships

Due to the ongoing war and its consequences, the economic situation in Ukraine has significantly deteriorated. With GDP having fallen by around 50%, many people, including our students and/or their parents have lost their jobs or are facing serious financial challenges.  

Today, in order to continue their theological education and become competent national church leaders some of our students need even more financial assistance. 

For this reason, we have created a fund to meet this need. The raised resources will allow students who cannot afford to pay their tuition fees to accomplish their studies and obtain high-quality education, as well as first-hand ministry experience.

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Give by Direct Transfer

The simplest way to do the latter is to donate toward the general fund of the seminary. You can wire any amount in US dollars, Euros, or British pounds to one of the accounts found at the following link


Give through United World Mission

If you are willing to wire funds in US DOLLARS, you can also do it through UNITED WORLD MISSION to make your donation TAX DEDUCTIBLE as allowed by law. For example, you can receive a tax benefit if you donate through OVERSEAS COUNCIL, which is one of our official partners, though it is important to note "Matt 28 gift – for UETS" in the designation of the offering.


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