UETS Campus Renovation

The project of renovation of the damaged infrastructure of the seminary is aimed at resuming a full-scale learning process, ensuring proper conditions for accommodation of students, staff and guests, coordinating relief ministry. 

If you are willing to wire funds in US DOLLARS, you can also do it through UNITED WORLD MISSION to make your donation TAX DEDUCTIBLE as allowed by law. For example, you can receive a tax benefit if you donate through OVERSEAS COUNCIL, which is one of our official partners, though it is important to note “Matt 28 gift – for UETS” in the designation of the offering.

Already raised

310 000



During several weeks, when the seminary campus happened to be close to the frontline, with intense fighting nearby, it was subject to repeated self-propelled artillery shelling. The shells which hit the ground caused considerable damage to its infrastructure, with windows blown out, a roof destroyed, etc. These are the academic building, cafeteria, and maintenance premises which suffered the most.  Facades, water supply and heating systems need also to be fixed. Considering all the damage sustained on the campus, the seminary cannot operate as it did before.  

Implementation of the project presupposes:

  • replacing shattered windows and doors
  • covering the destroyed roof
  • repairing damaged facades
  • fixing water supply and heating systems
  • repairing walk paths and porches

Total project value 375 000 USD

  • 44%

    eplacing shattered windows and doors

  • 5.3%

    covering the destroyed roof

  • 21.3%

    repairing damaged facades

  • 5.3%

    fixing water supply and heating systems

  • 13.3%

    cafeteria repairs

  • 10.17%

    interior works


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