Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary has established the Museum of History of Evangelical Movement. Displays of the Museum consist of exhibits relating to development of evangelical movement: books, magazines, photos, documents, etc. As of today, it has the following expositions:


Slavic Bible and Book of Hours

The collection includes Old Slavic Gospels, Psalter, Book of Hours and other church books used in Rus’ at the dawn of Protestantism. Some of the exhibits are dated.


Orthodox Theology

The display includes theological literature which reflects spiritual aspirations of people and an attempt of reformation of the Orthodox Church.


First Bibles

The exhibit displays old Bibles in different translations and editions.


Printed editions of Baptist and Evangelical Unions

The display gives idea of literature and periodicals issued by the Baptist and Evangelical Unions in the pre-war period. Special attention is paid to song-books.


Evangelical Self-Publishing

The exhibit is about hand-written literature distributed among believers when Christian publishing was unavailable or prohibited. It includes self-published song-books, poetry, stories and a novel.


Soviet Era and Ideology

The display aims at introducing Soviet ideology in terms of its treatment of religion. Apart from generally recognized attributes, this part has interesting documents about believers and atheistic propaganda.


Pentecostal Movement

The materials represented here focus on the destinies of the Voronayev’s family, the Pentecostal movement in USSR, as well as Slavic diasporas in America and Australia.