Alina Philatova

The first days were terrible without my mother 🙂 I was very sad without family, I wanted to go home, or have them here. All these emotions –  happiness, excitement, and experience – were mixed up and inspired me to pray more, think more, ask myself questions. On the fourth day it became much easier: I just became sure that God was still with me.


At first, lectures seemed difficult to comprehend. However, an ordinary school day and an ordinary student day are very different even in terms of the atmosphere. I realized that “I know that I know nothing” sooner than necessary. The instructors made only good impressions, some of them have already become my favorite ones.


Unexpectedly for me and my groupmates, we became friends very quickly. It took us literally a week to start missing each other, the dormitory, remembering in prayer those who left for some reason.


Good relations with other groups and courses have also developed quite quickly, a phenomenon which is uncommon in ordinary universities. We share everything we have, we eat only together. There are, of course, some arguments, but we resolve them quickly, thank God.


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