Anastasia Dudych

I decided to study at UETS because I realized that I would have the opportunity to get a huge experience in various fields, which I would then be able to use in my life and daily ministry.


Undoubtedly, I was most influenced by the surrounding itself, by many situations and conversations during the classes and after.


During my studies, I was extremely pleased to understand that instructors and staff were committed to what they did and had dedicated hearts… I could observe and feel what reliable people worked here, and I can say for sure that this was the only place I wanted to come to so much.


And now, when I am about to graduate, I realize that I have new skills, but at the same time, those that I had before have improved! For example, such skills as socializing, the ability to process information, the ability to express my thoughts. I also found many friends and acquaintances here, with whom I have the prospect of a joint ministry and further work on various projects!


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