Andryi Zaitsev

For me, the seminary became not just a place where I got spiritual and musical education, but a home! The home I can come to at any time: when it’s good and when it’s bad. And I know that there will always be someone who I can share my heart with.


The knowledge I gained is valuable and I use it 100% in my ministry wherever I go. I always find an opportunity to share it and talk about the seminary.


Also, in three years I have learned and mastered many things in the music field, and now I’m afraid of losing them. After all, you begin to appreciate what you have gained only when you understand that no one will remind you – you have to improve your skills yourself.


The seminary is a place where your values ​​change and a place where you find new acquaintances. You never know through whom God will work in your life – sometimes they can be people you have never talked to.


UETS is a place where you learn new things, acquire life skills and form a Christian community. A place where you are loved and supported!


The seminary is the home where God works with everyone in a special way!


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