Anna Haidar

The main reason why I enrolled in UETS was my desire to build my life on a solid foundation, to understand what I believe in, to take root in my principles and lifestyle, to change in my faith and to understand whether I want to connect my life with it or not.


During my studies, I was most influenced by the social surroundings in which I found myself and the relationships that were built here. It is both communication with teachers who help to understand yourself better and the subjects we study, and the group, because these are the people you are with almost all the time. You try to communicate properly, especially when you are a monitor of the group, to resolve conflicts, to maintain a friendly atmosphere. People help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and fulfill God’s mission to love your neighbor.


What is the most memorable is that all the subjects are very interesting and relevant in my life. It is striking to understand how connected everything is in the Bible and how to follow the paths that open up there – this is what had the biggest impact on me.


As a leader of the teenage ministry, I actively use all the knowledge I have gained in my ministry. I can answer questions correctly and tell them about Christ, and I can be a good mentor or counselor.


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