The Department of Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences provides psychological training, equipping Christians with the basic professional knowledge and skills for psychologically helping individuals, families, and groups of people to resolving difficult situations which arise from crises, illnesses, and interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts.


The work of a counsellor, consultant, and practical psychologist presupposes abiding by certain principles and moral rules. It requires vigilance to focus on the internal world of a person and his or her individuality. For this reason, of primary importance are communication skills, which includes observation (the ability to accept a person), intuition (the ability to understand the inner characteristics and peculiarities of a person), empathy (the ability to sympathize with a client and perceive the world from his or her perspective) and reflection (the ability to analyze one’s own behavior and be in control of the process of communication). 


The academic process is organized in accordance with Ukrainian and European standards for training specialists in the field of psychology and psychological counseling. It focuses on dialogue and cooperation between students and professors. Students also receive the unique opportunity to grow professionally by practicing under the supervision of experienced psychologists.