Timothy C. Geoffrion

Guest Lecturer in Theology

Ph.D. in New Testament Studies from Lutheran School of Theology, USA

Jonathan J. Bonk

Guest Lecturer in Theology

Ph.D. from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland 

William P. Atkinson

Guest Lecturer in Theology

M.Th. from London Bible College, UK

Glen G. Scorgie

Guest Lecturer in Theology

Ph.D. from the University of St. Andrews, UK

John Fuder

Guest Lecturer in Missiology

Ph.D. from Biola University, USA

Ivan Rusyn

President of UETS

Associate Professor in the Department of Theology

Ph.D. in Theology from National Pedagogical Drahomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine

Steve Paulus

Guest Lecturer in Theology

D.Min from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Senior Pastor at Staunton Grace Covenant Church, Staunton, Virginia

John White

Director of the Center for Missiological Studies and Practice

Director of the M.Th. in Urban Mission Program

Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies from Biola University, USA

Mykhailo Mokienko

Adjunct Instructor of History

Ph.D. from National Pedagogical Drahomonov University

Fedir Raychynets

Head of the Department of Theology

Director of the M.Th. in Transformative Leadership Program

Doctoral Student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands