UETS Relief Ministry at Wartime

Головна UETS Relief Ministry at Wartime



Since the beginning of the war last February, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary, in addition to its main educational mission, which lies in training national church leaders, has developed a large-scale relief ministry, ranging from evacuating people from the frontline, delivering food and necessities to bomb shelters, feeding the needy on the campus to undertaking numerous relief trips to liberated areas as well as active warzone, supporting churches where students and graduates of the seminary are serving war victims, etc.

Following repeated mass missile strikes targeting the Ukrainian power system, the relief ministry of the seminary has comprised also winterization needs to help people survive without power and, therefore, heating, water and other utilities. Our focus, in part, has shifted towards provision of people with things such as wood stoves, fire wood, portable power stations, power generators, power banks, blankets, fuel, etc.

We strongly believe in the holistic and incarnational mission, when you don’t just teach but practice what you teach, sharing the pain and suffering of people around. It explains why it is so important to meet both spiritual and physical needs of society.

Also, let us take advantage of this opportunity to sincerely thank all our partners who have been faithfully supporting our relief ministry. We are enormously grateful to God for each one of you who is standing with us at this challenging time.

Below you can find a video throwing some light on the humanitarian efforts of the seminary in almost one year of the ongoing war.


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