Located in a historic resort neighborhood of Pushcha Vodytsia, Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary has modern academic facilities designed to create a positive and conducive learning environment.

However, it was not like that always. Unfortunately, during the spring 2022, with a beginning of full invasion of Russian troops and when the frontline was just several miles away from UETS, the seminary campus sustained significant damage caused by the Russian self-propelled artillery. The walls and equipment were damaged, shattered windows, damaged facades, broken roofs and doors, looted offices and classrooms, and other damage. We are thankful to God for keeping the seminary people, no staff or students were injured. And by God’s mercy the territory was saved from the further destruction and the unique collection of books remained untouched.

Highlights include a comprehensive library with over 25,000 titles and periodicals, and specialized classrooms for music and counseling. UETS also offers comfortable dormitories with lounge areas, well-appointed rooms with separate kitchens, and a cafeteria that can accommodate 200 people. Additionally, students can benefit from the sports facilities and children’s playground, supporting balanced and focused academic experience.

Despite all the horrors of the most brutal and bloody war in human history since WWII, we have witnessed many miracles that God has performed through our joint ministry with our partners from all over the world. Because of the faithfulness of our partners and friends, we were able to restore the territory and the building of UETS. We were able to build a new roof instead of the damaged one over the maintenance building, replace a roof over the cafeteria building, fix the damaged water supply system, fix the damaged heating system in the cafeteria, replace all windows, replace all inside doors (damaged by looters), changed the outside doors in our main academic building and cafeteria doors damaged with shrapnel, retile the stairs leading to the front porch.

We express our sincere gratitude to all our partners and friends who have donated funds for our campus restoration so that we could continue our main mission. We would like to thank yet again all of you who, being an essential part of UETS ministry, making it possible. We are enormously grateful for your missional vision, prayers, finances and all other genuine support you provide.

We are fully aware that the war is unlikely to end soon, and the number of victims continues to grow exponentially each day. We earnestly ask for your continued prayers for the safety of our seminary, its staff and students, and all the Ukrainian people. Please pray for our entire team, that we may carry out our mission effectively and with even greater impact. Most importantly, join us in praying for Ukraine's ultimate victory, the end of this unjust war, and the arrival of a just peace in our land. We believe that God will guide us through this challenging time, and we are preparing for the period of restoration to come.

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The Yard

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