May 31 2024

My Studies at UETS Have Made Me More Organized, Mission-Oriented and Purpose-Driven

‘My Studies at UETS Have Made Me More Organized, Mission-Oriented and Purpose-Driven.’ Interview...

May 30 2024

Family Ministry Program Study Session May 2024

In May, we had the privilege of hosting students for the Family Ministry Program (FMP) study...

May 25 2024

UETS Holds Its Annual Soul and Word Conference

On May 24-25, UETS held its annual ‘Soul and Word’ conference on its campus. Today, maintaining...

May 8 2024

Remembrance Day Holds Profound Significance for Every Ukrainian

On the 8th of May, our nation reflects on the great tragedy of the Second World War that unfolded...

May 1 2024

Exploring Christian Care, Counseling, and Art Therapy

During these disturbing times, life within the seminary still brims with activity, bustling with...

April 27 2024

UETS Holds ‘Dream Team’ Youth Leadership Conference

Last week , April 25-27, UETS held the Youth Leadership Conference called ‘Dream Team’.   The...

April 19 2024

UETS Team Undertakes Another Relief Trip to The Warzone

On April 19, 20204 UETS faculty and staff formed a team that embarked on another trip to the...

April 17 2024

Resilience Amidst Crisis

On April 14-17, 2024, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary held a retreat for army chaplains...

April 9 2024

UETS Holds Its Theology for Life Conference

The seminary’s annual Theology for Life Conference, focusing on the theology of citizenship...

April 1 2024

Following God's Calling in Art-Therapy

Olha Maksymenko — is a clothes designer, serving at the Hope of the World Church in Ukrainka city....

March 31 2024

Christ is Risen!

Dear UETS Friends,   Please accept our warmest Easter greeting over to you from the staff and...

March 30 2024

UETS Study Sessions in March

UETS leadership and staff are unwavering in their commitment to the empowering of students to major...

March 25 2024

War Takes its Heavy Toll on Ukraine

With more than two years into the bloodiest war since WWII, the Ukrainian nation is still going...

March 22 2024

UETS Graduate Pours Out Her Heart In a New Song

We are overjoyed to witness the blossom of our graduates as they embark on their journeys in...

March 4 2024

UETS Women in Leadership Conference

On March 1-2, 2024, UETS gathered nearly 90 women on campus and 20 more online for its Women in...

February 26 2024

UETS Receives Government Licensing

We are happy to share with you that Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary has received the...

February 19 2024

Two Years of the Aggression: Moral Leadership in Times of Crisis

Register for an online event on Friday, February 23, 2024 | 7:00 pm Kyiv time (EET) | online, Zoom

February 2 2024

UETS Continues its Educational Mission in Central Asia

Despite internal challenges in relation to the full-scale war underway in Ukraine, UETS, being...

January 29 2024

January Study Sessions

Despite the continuing war challenges, UETS continues to carry out its educational mission and...

January 25 2024

UETS Continues its Winter Relief Ministry

With almost two years into the bloodiest war since WWII, the Ukrainian nation is still going...

Про УЄТС October 20 2022

Сampus restoration

As you remember, in the spring, when the frontline was just several miles away, the seminary campus...

Про УЄТС October 11 2022

Graduation 2022

  It is a tremendous joy of our hearts we cannot wait to share with you…   Today has...

Про УЄТС September 6 2022

Value of Partnership

  With more than 4 months of the war behind, we appreciate even more the value of partnership....

Про УЄТС September 2 2022

Continued Relief Ministry

  Despite predictions, the fighting in the East and South is still very intense, with the...

Про УЄТС August 3 2022

Ministry in Poland

  The following is a testimony of Olha Shumkova, UETS librarian and refugee, about how God has...

Про УЄТС June 17 2022

Current ministry in Cherkasy

  Below you can find a testimony about the current ministry of our partner Word of Faith...

Про УЄТС June 9 2022

Mission on the campus and beyond

  More and more people are coming to the seminary cafeteria from our neighborhood and...

Про УЄТС June 2 2022

Life and Ministry at the Seminary

  Thank you for being the ones we can share our hearts with at this challenging time. We...

Про УЄТС June 1 2022

Mission trip to Eastern Ukraine

  The following is a testimony about a mission trip undertaken by a team of our volunteers to...

Про УЄТС June 1 2022

Ministry during Wartime

  The following are more testimonies about ministry of our students at the wartime:  ...

Про УЄТС May 14 2022

Students’ Ministry at Wartime

  Today, we would like to share some testimonies of our students about their ministry at the...

Про УЄТС May 13 2022

Ministry Expansion

  Last Sunday, our team was able to have the first service in the seminary’s chapel since the...

Про УЄТС April 19 2022

Evil Plans Thwarted

  Dear friends, we would like to thank you yet again for your non-ceasing prayers… The...

Місія October 6 2022

Lord is keeping us in His hands

  From time to time we try to throw light on ministry of UETS students and graduate during the...

Місія September 28 2022

Trip to Eastern Ukraine

  Last week, our team of eight volunteers went on another relief trip to Eastern Ukraine…...

Місія September 13 2022

UETS Prayer Requests

  Let us share the latest developments and current prayer requests of the seminary:  ...

Місія September 12 2022

Life-Saving Ride

  Couple weeks ago, we were on another trip to the warzone in Eastern Ukraine… We went to the...

Місія September 9 2022

Rising Toll of the War

  The war in Ukraine is still taking its toll, which testifies to the scope of the suffering...

Місія September 9 2022

Last Prayer

  As you know, the team of our volunteers regularly embarks on mission trips to Eastern...

Місія September 9 2022

“We did it!”

  Below you can read a testimony of Artem Radionov, UETS graduate and youth pastor at the...

Psychology October 19 2022

Program in Children’s Counseling

  It is known that consequences of any war are far-reaching, affecting absolutely all layers...


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