June 8 2023

Southern Ukraine is Crying Out for Help

On June 6th, we were all shaken by yet another savagely cruel act of terrorism carried out by...

May 31 2023

Trauma Healing Ministry: UETS Student’s Story

Liudmyla Lobok, UETS 3rd-year student of Psychology, The Church of Christ, Kropyvnytskyi city...

May 30 2023

UETS Continues Its Relief Ministry

On May 23-27, a team of volunteers made up of 8 UETS staff workers and seminary partners went on...

May 29 2023

UETS Launches a New Program in Leadership and Worship

Before the full-scale invasion, the sphere of worship was actively developing in evangelical...

May 29 2023

Trauma Healing Module with Asbury Theological Seminary

On May 22-26, 2023, UETS, in cooperation with Asbury Theological Seminary, conducted a 5-day module...

May 18 2023

UETS Media Ministry Receives New Impetus

Unlike the Soviet era, when evangelical Christians were either severely persecuted and...

April 28 2023

April Study Sessions at UETS

In April, we were happy to welcome students of the Transformative Leadership and Mission in the...

April 27 2023

UETS Refugee Students Actively Serve Abroad

It is not a secret that the war has scattered many Ukrainians around the world. As you might...

April 19 2023

Unexpected Continuation of Social Ministry Workshop

Around a month ago, we were happy to share with you the news about successful completion of studies...

April 12 2023

Panel Discussion in UETS: "War and Pastor: Challenges at Wartime"

On April 7, 2023, UETS held a panel discussion called: "War and Pastor: Challenges of Pastors at...

April 11 2023

Theology and Community Dialogue: Video

War has taught us many things. It is in the conditions of war that we felt more than ever what it...

April 5 2023

UETS Student Becomes First Female Chaplain Officer

April 1, 2023, has become a truly historic day for Ukraine – the first cohort of 30 military...

March 27 2023

Outreach Foundation Team Visits UETS

  On March 22-24, the faculty and staff of the Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary were...

March 24 2023

Fourth Cohort Enrolls into Initial Crisis Counseling Program

  We would like to share with you that the fourth cohort of students has been admitted into...

March 10 2023

Social Ministry Workshop

The first cohort of students of our new short-term program Social Ministry Workshop successfully...

March 10 2023

New Short-Term Program Launched

    We are glad to announce an opening of a new short-term program “The Mission of Church...

February 20 2023

First Offline Session for Non-Resident Students

    Back in 2020, when the pandemic broke out, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary...

February 3 2023

Defeating Trauma Training

    On February 1-2, a training on Defeating Trauma was held on the UETS campus.  ...

January 30 2023

Cru Staff Trained at UETS

    In January 2023, we were happy to welcome on our campus a team of Campus Crusade for...

January 20 2023

UETS Relief Ministry at Wartime

    Since the beginning of the war last February, Ukrainian Evangelical Theological...


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