Last Prayer


As you know, the team of our volunteers regularly embarks on mission trips to Eastern Ukraine to bring provision to civilians who, being unable or unwilling to flee the warzone, are still staying close to the frontline.


Also, we deliver things (clothes, medicines, power generators, thermographic cameras) from relatives of the military who ask us to take them to their loved ones.


Last week, during our last relief trip to almost deserted cities of Slaviansk and Kramatorsk, the Russian are trying to encircle and besiege, we had a chance to talk and pray with several Ukrainian servicemen (you can see them in the picture with their faces blurred).


We do it because we believe in the holistic mission that includes both humanitarian assistance and preaching the Word. We always pray with and for those we talk to.


Next day, we received a call from a military unit commander who broke a shocking news to us that the three servicemen we had met earlier were killed in a severe shelling together with three dozens of other soldiers. As it happened just in couple hours after we prayed together, we can assume that that was their last (for some may also be the first) prayer in their life.


Moreover, on our way to the warzone the day before, we gave a ride to the mother of one of these soldiers (she is also a military). She asked us a lot about who we are and why we do what we do. We are thankful to the Lord who gave us the privilege to share the Gospel with her too.
Currently, around 30-50 Ukrainian soldiers get killed every day, not to mention those who get wounded or go missing. Our special prayer request today is for more Ukrainian military to have a chance to talk to someone who could share Christ and pray with them.

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