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Program Goals

To equip married couples for practical ministry to families in local churches and beyond, taking into account marriage as God's plan for humanity.

This program will be beneficial to

  • For married couples leading family home groups or family ministry
  • For couples who want to improve their relationship and support other couples in this process
  • For family counselors in local churches and family support centers
  • For married couples who are ready to lead family ministry in local churches

Admission requirements

  • Belonging to a local church
  • Certificate of Complete Secondary Education

Program Details

  • Duration: 1 year, 4 sessions
  • Schedule: Monday-Friday (48 academic hours);
  • Format: On Campus/Hybrid Mode

Tuition Cost

  • Tuition - UAH 8,800 /year
  • Course fee price per couple
  • Accommodation and meals – on request
  • Accommodation - UAH 1,760 per year
  • Meals - UAH 3,600 per year
  • The annual fee can be paid in parts, separately for each session

Learning Outcomes

Enhanced Character

  • ability to listen and empathize
  • open communication in interpersonal relationships
  • responsibility, personal and spiritual maturity

Broadened Knowledge

  • main forms of family ministry: groups, events, one-on-one and pair mentoring, premarital preparation and basic family counseling
  • principles and rules of work during premarital preparation and family counseling

Refined Skills

  • ability to formulate a vision for family ministry in the local church, understand and use practical tools for family ministry
  • the ability to communicate in family relationships and accompany others in this process, understanding the theological and anthropological foundations of marriage
  • be able to integrate scientific knowledge of psychology, pedagogy, sexology and the biblical worldview

Curriculum Intro

  • Theology of Marriage and Anthropology

    The divine nature of marriage and the Creator's plan for the family; marriage or singleness; the purpose of marriage and its purpose; traditions and the influence of religion on the family as an institution.

  • Vision and Practical Tools for Family Ministry

    Stages of building and developing family ministry in the local church: practical tools, forms of work, resources. Why is the vision important and how to form it? - What is to choose or to vary - large events, small groups? Team building and partnership.

  • The Art of Communication. Conflictology

    The ability to communicate openly is a crucial foundation and key to a successful marriage in family life. Conflicts: types and ways to resolve them.

  • Premarital Preparation

    Topics of the module: 1) Premarital preparation: its importance in counselling practice and its purpose in the context of the local church; 2) Where to start, what to use: resources for different target audiences and ways of conducting training; overview of available materials in Ukraine; 3) Individual preparation of a couple for marriage: mentoring and details of the work; 4) Preparatory stage of premarital preparation of a couple; 5) mandatory topics for study (based on different courses/resources), methodology of conducting individual meetings.

  • Age Psychology and Parenting

    Basic knowledge of the fundamentals of child development and formation psychology, which will help minimise the difficulties of this complex and time-consuming process.

  • Financial Literacy in the Family

    The financial sphere is a large part of every family's daily routine, so it requires careful study: from budgeting and earning to spending and investing.

  • Sexology, Intimate Relationships in the Family, Sex Education

    Sexual relations in marriage: the Word of God's view of their purpose and characteristics. Sex education: when and what to say about sexuality and relationships between the sexes.

  • Fundamentals of Family Counseling

    Family counselling is one of the most popular services in local communities. The purpose of the module is to introduce the basics of family counseling and to talk about the principles of working with couples.

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